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Interactive Online Design Tool for Product Customization

Why You Should Start Designing Shoes Using The Shoe Designer Tool

Shoe Designer Tool

You never get enough of a good pair of shoes! How many times have you hold the footwear that you recently bought from an online retail store and though– ‘I wish the sole were different’ or ‘I wish the fabric was different’ or “It sucks that the color I wanted was not available in this design.’ With hundreds and hundreds of online stores selling the same stuff, competition is tough and many customers are left with limited options, if they are particularly looking for something unique and different.

In today’s market, if you do not offer something unique, buyers won’t visit your store, because they have been there and done that! Since customization seems to be the name of the game, integrating a custom shoe designer tool into your website might help you save your footwear business from dwindling.

It is evident that if you offer buyers the freedom to design their own apparel or footwear, it will attract them to your site. Customized products in general have always been a craze among the younger generations and a customization tool empowers them to create their own style. With our simple and intuitive tool, buyers will be able to design their own footwear on their own without any help whatsoever.

Possible reasons why your online footwear store is not doing so well

  • Buyer’s taste and preference change rapidly with changing trends
  • Buyers desire for something more than what is offered to them
  • Buyers are looking for more freedom within the entire buying cycle
  • Buyers want to buy products that accurately reflect their style and persona
  • Most importantly, buyers nowadays are more assertive as far as the products’ design goes

With so many good product design tools available today, the above factors can be tackled easily. With a powerful product design tool, buyers can design their own product based on his or her own preference. You as a business owner will offer the customers the much needed freedom and involvement in the product creation process, thereby providing them higher satisfaction level. Moreover, it gives them the power to design something that is totally their own.

Why you should integrate our shoe designer tool to your website?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider integrating our shoe design tool in to your e-commerce site.

  • Easy integration with major platforms such as Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce, Virtuemart, and Joomla
  • The tool gets integrated with any CMS or E-Commerce platform, or can also be used a standalone application.
  • Every element of the tool is user-friendly and its operation requires no external help
  • All features and functions are strategically placed within the software, making the while design process easy
  • Works seamlessly across all the major web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
  • Constantly upgraded to give you and your buyers the best experience
  • Prompt support team that will help you in case you need any special functionality in the tool
  • Works seamlessly as a standalone application with dedicated admin panel
  • The design tool supports multiple languages enabling users from all over the world to use it
  • Personalize your tool based on your website’s look-and-feel and work flow.
  • Pixel perfect end result that is high in resolution and ready to be uploaded on your site
  • No additional software is required to use this designer tool
  • High-resolution output image available in three formats (.tif, .eps, .pdf)
  • The output comes with all components needed in the file collateral, including text, fonts, resolution, dimensions, etc.

Salient features of the shoe designer tool

It’s evident that buyers can’t be forced to buy anything on a web store. Since today’s market is driven by unlimited options and the ability to exercise freedom during the buying process, buyers are most likely to visit a store that has integrated an online designer tool that offers unmatched designing and customizing capabilities. This freedom has a lot to do with an array of features offered by a designer application. Salient features include:

Only a powerful designing tool can help simplify the designing process, thereby helping the buyers obtain the product of their choice. Our tool is simple and user-friendly and requires no external help. It has an appealing user interface and modern front end layout.

Other features include:

Fully Responsive Across All Devices

The tool works on all major and popular web browsers including Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Irrespective of which device you are using, the tool is accessible from all devices. The tool comes in two versions, JavaScript version and Flex version, which have similar features.

Rich Features

The tool is rich in features. It gives you the ability to incorporate more features according to your requirement. This means that a business can add additional features on top of all the features and functionalities provided in order to meet their specific business requirements without any issue.

Easy Integration with Any CMS

Another major feature of this tool is its ability to get integrated with any CMS of e-commerce site seamlessly. It doesn’t matter if your site is based on Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce, Virtuemart, or Joomla, the designer tool can be integrated with any of them with ease.

Dedicated Admin Panel

The tool has been designed to work flawlessly either as a standalone app or to be integrated with any e-commerce platform. Either ways, you will gain full control to a dedicated admin panel. In case of integration, you will be able to manage your products using the admin panel of the CMS that you are using.

Adaptive to any business work flow

Every business has its own work flow. The tool has been designed in such a way that it can be custom-developed to match the workflow and look & feel of the website. To be precise, you won’t need another third party software to merge it to your site.

Multilingual Support

Internet has allowed businesses to reach every nook and corner of the world. The designer tool takes this fact into account and provides support to multiple languages. This gives businesses the advantage of reaching out to any part of the world with any additional investment. You can even change the tool’s front-end and back-end interface to meet the language preference of the business.

High Resolution Output

Buyers won’t be satisfied unless the end product is close to what they have visualized. For this reason, the shoe designer tool delivers a high-resolution output image in three different formats (.tif, .eps, .pdf). The tool ensures that every element comes out in the output as it’s shown during the designing process, be it fonts, text, dimensions, colors, etc.

No Re-Edit of Orders

An efficient designer tool should be able to ensure that no re-edit of the orders is required. It should be able to deliver an output of the designed by customers without any interference or changes whatsoever. The final output should maintain all vector graphics for maximum resolution.

How the shoe designer tool will attract buyers:

Buyers today are a lot fickle minded and they expect more than ever from technology and market. They want best of deals in minimum efforts and even in bare minimum budget. The shoe designer tool is one good way to capture this dynamic market. This tool has help them realize that the stock of products available online is not the end of the line. The tool has enable them to be more assertive about the products they buy.

  • The tool provides a great opportunity to design and personalize footwears based on their preferences
  • Buyers can tweak all major design features such as color, art, material, heel options.
  • The tool comes with an advanced interactive 3D view of all sides of the product, enabling buyers to have an idea of how the end product will look like from all possible angles.
  • It’s simple and intuitive interface will enable buyers with no technical knowledge to design a shoe in no time.
  • As the tool is divided into layers, it offers buyers the ability to personalize each and every corner of the shoe.

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September 21, 2016