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What To Look For In A T-shirt Design Software

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The Internet and Ecommerce business has taken the world by storm. Today, anyone, located anywhere can purchase anything that you can think of online from a house to dental floss. Anything you can think can be easily purchased by doing a few simple searches online, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Customers today have the ability to customize and create anything that they can think of from shoes to t-shirts or even a phone cover. If you are an online retailer that sells t-shirts for example and are looking for a t-shirt design software that allows your customers to create any type of t-shirt that they want, you are thinking ahead of most people which is a great thing. Today, consumers want more options and variety and if you give your customers that ability, they will keep on coming back for more. It will therefore increase your customer loyalty, generate more brand awareness and most importantly add to your bottom line which every business owner wants. Below, we will discuss some important things to keep in mind if you are looking for a t-shirt design software and what to look for in a company that offers this type of product designer tool application:

No Boundaries Or Limitations – If you are a consumer today, you are shopping from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop, simultaneously in some cases. Customers today demand the ability to be able to access information and purchase the products or services that you offer across any device without any type of limitations. When you are evaluating or choosing a t-shirt design software, you need to ensure it is multi-device compatible and responsive. This means that a customer can view, customize and purchase a t-shirt or any other product that you offer on any device. The older product designer tool applications for example were built in Flash or Silverlight which limited its use to desktops but that’s not practical for consumers today. With mobile queries outpacing desktop queries today, it gives you a clear indication of how important it is to have a website and a designer tool that works perfectly across all devices. So, choose a t-shirt designer tool that allows your customers to purchase across any device whether it be a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop as if you are not, your competitors are. Don’t limit your customer’s capabilities as no one likes to be limited to a desktop. When evaluating which type of t-shirt design application to install on your Ecommerce website, this point is absolutely critical and if you make this mistake, it will be a huge one.

Features & Functions – Having a t-shirt design software on your website is a great thing but you need something that functions great and has all the features that a customer can possibly want or even think of. Some feature examples are the ability to add text, photos, customize colors, borders, collars and so on which all give a customer more options which they always love. Different customers like different things so the more options you give your customers the better it will be for both you as a business owner as well for your online customers. You can have a great t-shirt design tool that works across all devices but if it does not have the necessary amount of features and functions, it’s quite frankly pretty useless. So, when choosing a company to help you create or install your t-shirt design software, ensure that they give you a t-shirt design tool that has all the features a customer could possibly want. Lastly, try to see examples of other companies that are already offering a t-shirt design application on their website to get a good sense of what is possible and what is not possible as this can really help you.

Easy To Use & Looks Good – The last thing you want when launching a t-shirt design software on your Ecommerce website is something that needs a 100 page manual or an engineering degree to figure out. From a user perspective, it should be smooth, easy to understand, easy to navigate, fast and overall a great user experience no matter what age, gender or experience that they have. It should also look good from a graphic interface perspective as something that looks good and is easy to use will be embraced more from a customer perspective. Try to limit the amount of steps it takes to create your own t-shirt or any other product you are letting your customers create as online consumers hate long and drawn out processes which can be cumbersome. The easier it is to use and the better it looks, the better it will be for both you as a business owner since you will generate more sales as well as for your customers who use it more. The t-shirt design software company you choose to work with should be able to offer you multiple options or a graphic design professional that can help you create what you are looking for. They should be able to provide expert advice on what works and what doesn’t so choose a online designer tool company that has created lots of t-shirt designer applications in the past as this will help you tremendously.

Compatibility & Integration – If you already have an online store or are looking to create one, what type of CMS platform are you going to use as this will be critical for the correct integration and compatibility of your t-shirt designer software. For example, if you are choosing to go with Magento to run your online store, check to see if this t-shirt design software will integrate with Magento and it is fully compatible. You need to ensure as a business that you choose a t-shirt design software that will fully integrate and operate on the platform that runs your Ecommerce store. If not, you will have serious problems so ensure that you address this when speaking to the online designer tool company to get a sense of what can work and what cannot to eliminate any surprises or last minute issues. The more transparent and clear you are when choosing a company to work with, the better it will be for all parties involved

Support & Maintenance – One of the most overlooked areas when it comes to purchasing or launching a t-shirt design software is the support and maintenance that you will receive. Ensure that you have ample support in place as well as ongoing maintenance to limit any issues that do come up. You need to have an AMC or something in writing from the t-shirt designer tool company that you are choosing to work with so that you know what to expect from them. Some questions that you should are what type of SLA do they provide, what type of upgrade schedules do they have in place once you go live, what support structure do they provide current or past customers and so on. These are all things that need to be closely looked at when evaluating a t-shirt design software company to work with. Lastly, check to see the portfolio of work that they have delivered for other clients to get a good sense of the type of online designer tools that they have delivered in the past for other clients. Also, try speak to some client references to get a good sense of the support, maintenance and customer service the company will provide which will give you a lot of good insight with the company you may or may not work with. Lastly, try to ensure that everything is in writing from support to compatibility and maintenance to name a few critical factors to ensure that both the client and customer know what to expect with the installation/launching of this t-shirt design software application.

Launching a t-shirt design software on your Ecommerce website is a great idea as you can really set yourself apart from your competitors and give your customers what they are looking for. If a customer can create something on their own, they are more likely to buy it and also return to purchase it again which means you can increase your loyal customer base. They will also tell their family and friends about this product that they have purchased from your online store which will in turn generate you more customers. Choosing a t-shirt designer tool for your online store is no easy task but you if you look carefully, conduct the necessary due diligence and take your time when choosing an online designer tool partner to work with, the outcome can be amazing. You can really give your customers what they want as it’s something that only some companies offer today so what are you waiting for. If you are looking for a reliable, trusted and experienced t-shirt design software company to help take your business to the next level, please feel free to reach out to the team at ProductDesignerTool for all your online designer tool needs.

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June 10, 2015