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Customize The Back Cover Of Your Phone And Make The Device Charming

Customize The Back Cover

Has the back cover of your phone or laptop faded beyond redemption? Don’t you like the skin of the iPad gifted by your dad? Of, for that matter, are not you happy with the look-and-feel of the hand-held device you carry presently? Well, worry not, as devices do get worn out with regular use but this does nor mar their efficiency. They are still up to the mark function-wise but sure not visually. Continue reading

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June 9, 2017

Design The Back Cover Of Your Smartphone And Flaunt Your Style

skin designer software

So, does you phone look jaded? Has it stopped looking stylish? If yes, you must then be planning to buy a new one, aren’t you? You may buy one but what about those who can’t? After all, new phones start looking jaded and uninspiring in just few months, so it’s not possible to change them that frequently. Continue reading

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May 25, 2017