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Interactive Online Design Tool for Product Customization

Integrate Shoe Designer Tool With Your Online Store And Let Customers Rejoice

Shoe Designer ToolAt one stage in 2015, Adam Wilkins had lost all hopes of reviving his shoe business. He had reasons to worry as the once-flourishing business had suddenly stopped delivering profit and in fact, it ran into losses. His online shop, which attracted a great number of buyers not long ago, was finding it hard to generate any interest of late.

Buyers simply did not turn up at his online store and as a result, the sales plummeted to a great depth. Adam tried to revive the business by investing in more stocks, but this too did not yield any favourable results. Disappointed and dejected, he decided to consult experts or seek guidance from industry experts.

Upon meeting the experts, he came across all those things that were causing his shoe business to sink. He became aware of the problems that were leading to a dip in the sales and buyers interests. By the time the meeting was over, Adam knew what ailed his shoe business and what steps needed to revive it.

Why the shoe business of Adam Wilkins suffered:

Buyers’ tastes and preferences had changed a lot in the last few months or so

Buyers no longer preferred visiting an online shop and selecting a pair of shoes

Buyers wanted more from the entire buying cycle and they rather preferred an online store that give them freedom

Buyers wanted to get a product that reflected their style and persona in the best possible way

And lastly, buyers wanted to design their own shoes; they wanted to customize their own product and personalize it to give it a signature style unique to them

This piece of insight shared by experts changed the life and business of Adam Wilkins. By now, he became aware that the norms of buying a trendy and stylish shoes had changed dramatically. He also knew how the shoe designer tool was responsible for changing the dynamics of the market.

The designer tool, which was told to Adam, was basically a piece of software equipped with a variety of features to help buyers design their own shoes.

Advantages of the shoe designer tool:

The tool gives buyers a great opportunity of designing, customizing and personalizing shoes of own choices.

It’s a highly advanced tool which any business can integrate with its online store or web store to give buyers the freedom of designing own shoes.

Right from colour to texts to clip art to hues to leather types to heel options to embellishments, the tool gives liberty of selecting from various elements to design the shoe of own liking.

The tool gives a great boost to the capabilities and competencies of a shoe-selling online store and makes it modern and contemporary in true sense.

It gives buyers a chance to view their shoe and its parts in 3D and make appropriate changes at the time of designing.

Anyone can get a 360-degree view of the shoe and do as many changes as possible while designing.

The tool is simple and responsive, which means buyers can operate it without facing any difficulty or without possessing any technical knowledge of the deep variety.

Buyers can view each and every angle of the product while designing it, which helps them make due changes in an easy manner.

Buyers can get the exact preview of the final output and in this way, they can get precisely the kind of shoe they look for.

As the tool is divided into layers, buyers can personalize each and every corner of the shoe to design it in a way to meet and exceed their tastes and preferences.

Anyone can select from the available leather or fabric options to add to the quality and style of the shoe.

Buyers can change the toe, back and heel, and they can easily switch between shoe panels to get desired results with designing.

Anyone can change the decoration of the shoe to find the product that serves their tastes in true sense.

Features of the Designer Application

It’s true that buyers today have evolved in a great way and they can’t be forced to buy anything on a web store. They live at a time where options are endless and where they can exercise a great deal of freedom. They have the option to visit only a website or web store that integrate an online designer tool and that offers the freedom of designing or customizing the shoe. This freedom has a lot to do with an array of features delivered by a designer application, including:

High Quality Tool

Only a high quality tool can help simplify the designing process and help buyers get the product of their choice. This tool is so simple and user-friendly in nature that it does not require any external help. More so, it packs in features and functionalities in a way to not trouble buyers about the next step. It has a charming user interface and modern front end layout.

Fully Responsive Across All Devices

The tool supports all major and popular web browsers around. So, be it Chrome, Safari or Firefox or Internet Explorer, it will be accessible in all of them. More so, be it smartphones, laptops or any hand-held devices, this fully responsive tool is accessible from all devices. More so, both of its versions — JavaScript version and Flex version – will have similar features.

Rich Features

The best part about the tool is its richness and features, and the ability to incorporate more features as per the need. It means, buyers can find all those features and functionalities that help in designing the product together with adding more features to meet their specific business requirements with ease. You can consult any top shoe design company to get more features incorporate into the tool.

Dedicated Admin Panel

The tool is developed in a way to be used either as a standalone app or to be integrated with any e-commerce platform. This kind of feature helps a business a lot and gives them the option of either benefit from integration or gain the best from standalone basis. In both ways, there will be a dedicated admin panel (the integration allows using the admin panel of the CMS) to manage products and its features with ease.

Easily Integrated With Any CMS

One of the best aspects about the designer tool is its ability to get easily integrated with any CMS or e-commerce website. So, be it Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce, Virtuemart, Joomla or any other platform, the designer tool will integrate with them all with ease. This way, a business can manage a lot of things with ease, including order details, fonts, clip-arts, templates etc. More so, the tool can be managed from any platform with ease.

Custom development to match the business workflow

Every business tends to have an entirely different workflow than the other. The designer tool is designed in a way to tackle this problem with ease. The tool can be custom developed to match with the workflow and look & feel of the website. In a way, the tool can be merged with any e-commerce website without requiring any additional software or investment. This will help a business in many ways.

Multilingual Support

In today’s time, a business can reach to any country or region due to the internet. The designer tool takes into account this fact and comes with multilingual support. It’s available in any language prevalent across the world to give businesses the advantage of reaching out to any part of the globe without investing any further on this front. The tool’s front-end and back-end interface can be changed to meet the language preference of the business.

High Resolution Output

Buyers won’t feel happy if they did not get precisely the kind of end product they designed or customized. For that, a designer tool has to deliver a final high-resolution output image in choice of 3 formats (.tif, .eps, .pdf). More so, every element should come out in the output as it’s shown while designing be it fonts, text, dimensions, resolution, etc. In a way, a pixel perfect output is needed where buyers can get printed exactly what they designed.

No Re-Edit of Orders

A great designer tool is one that does not require any re-edit of the orders. It means, the tool has to deliver the kind of output designed by customers without any interference or changes to its designs. In addition, the final output should maintain all vector graphics for maximum resolution. Nothing should look out of place, including shapes, fonts etc.

In overall, a custom shoe designer tool has become an integral aspect of businesses selling shoes or other products. In this tool, a business finds a way to let buyers exercise freedom and buy only after designing the product. The tool is a great investment in modernizing the business and bringing it with the tune of the current times. So, let your business be fitted with a designer tool to realize its true potential.

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April 21, 2016