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Interactive Online Design Tool for Product Customization

Get More Customers And Achieve Better Sales With Shoe Designer Tool

Shoe Designer Tool

How do you normally buy a trendy, good-looking and stylish shoe? You either visit a shop in the area, or go hopping shopping malls to find the product. Most of us also buy online to get time benefits and convenience.

But what if the kind of shoe you’re looking is not available at any of these places? What if your favourite online store does not stock the range, colour and fabric you are itching to get this time?

As you have already explored the physical world and now the virtually world too have put its hands up, what options do you have now? Nothing but to sulk? Or, to choose from the available stock? It means, you got to compromise!

Would you? Won’t you? Not anymore, as there is a shoe designer tool to meet your needs with ease. It brings you what all you always cherished. It puts you in the driver’s seat.

So, how does this tool help? How can it help when the shirt is not available anywhere? Will this tool help fetch the same kind of shoe you were looking for? Yes, it will.

A product designing tool helps in many ways, including:

It’s a highly advanced tool and gets easily integrated with any website or web store or online store or e-commerce site.

It provides an opportunity of designing own shoes where buyers are free to select various elements and get a product made by own

Anyone can benefit from the tool by visiting the shoe-selling site it’s integrated with as any design-related business can benefit from this product.

Buyers can design, customize and personalize many products of their choice including shoes and get the desired result.

It brings a 3D view where the product-to-be-designed can be seen with a 360-degree view for required changes

As the tool is developed using jQuery, it’s fast and response and poses absolutely no problems in handling or operation parts.

It allows viewing of all the angles of the product while designing to bring greater clarity, as buyers can view over and again to make required changes.

Customers can see the exact preview of the final output of their shoe.

The tool is divided into layers to let buyers design or customize each and every corner of the product.

Shoe lovers will have the freedom of selecting from a big range of leather or fabric options

Actual images are included so that buyers can get the exact look-and-feel of the design to get the worth of their money.

Users can change the decoration of the shoe to suit their needs.

One will also have the option of changing the toe, back and heel.

Customers can switch between shoe panels to design in the desired way.

We can clearly see how the designer tool helps buyers in more ways than one. Its arrival has not only brought a sense of freedom to buyers but has also given more options to them.

Buyers need not rely anymore on the stocked materials or products at their favourite online shop. They can go ahead and buy what gives them value for the money. Then can get their shoes personalized as well.

Features of product designer application

A product designer application comes packed with a whole range of features and functionalities to change the way products are designed and personalized. By leveraging these technical and non-technical features, buyers can get exactly what they look for in their shoes. The features include:

Multi-Database Support

Shoe-selling online stores benefit a lot from the enhanced database of the tool. It allows owners to access end user-related and business logic-related database on a PHP and MySQL-based serves respectively. It means, store owners can have access to the aspects like colour, fonts, clip-arts, templates.

Large User Accessible Data

The tool comes packed with a whole host of designing and customization options to help buyers a great deal. From colours to fonts to clip arts to design templates and so on, anyone can access helpful data to design, personalize and customize shoes with ease.


As product designer tool works online, it too has to face risks as all things on the internet do. That’s why, it’s been equipped with SSL encryption to protect and keep sensitive data safe. More so, it’s not only secure for the admin but also for end users.

Multi-browser compatibility

Buyers will benefit a great deal from the tool’s multi-browser compatibility. So, be they use Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, they can easily access this online designer application. Any and every popular browser is supported by the tool.

Multi-Device Responsive Tool

The tool is developed with responsive features where it will give consistent look-and-feel across devices. It will appear the same no matter whether you use iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows or Mac. Buyers get pixel-perfect responsiveness from the jQuery Version of tool.

Great Performance

The tool is equipped with bespoke features and functionalities, and it’s also been developed using JQuery. What’s more, it is not code-heavy! All this helps it deliver great and powerful results.

What makes product designer application a high quality tool?

The product designer application has brought a new dimension in designing and customizing products of choice. The tool has simplified the designing processes and let evolving and sophisticated requirements of today’s buyers be met. There are many things that make it a high-quality tool, including:

It does not trouble users even a bit in handling, and all its elements are user friendly which don’t need any external help.

The product is so simple and easy to handle that buyers can operate it at own just by reading and following the instruction given therein.

A good-looking user interface not only delivers operational ease but also adds visual appeal to the software.

The flex version of the tool needs a Flash runtime platform to work on Laptop, Windows and Mac desktops.

Both the versions — the JavaScript version and the Flex version – will have more or less similar features and their selection can be done to suit specific business requirements.

The admin panel ensures that the managing of the product always remains an easy and simple task.

The tool gets integrated with any CMS or E-Commerce platform, or can also be used a standalone application.

The in-built admin panel becomes the default option when the tool is integrated with any CMS or e-commerce site.

The tool helps a lot as it can be integrated with any CMS including Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce, Virtuemart, and Joomla and so on.

The admin can manage users and their details with great ease together with accessing and updating a whole lot of features including fonts, clip arts, templates etc.

Product designer tool and its integration with your e-commerce website

The success of a business will depend a lot on how the online product designer tool gets integrated with it. As the integration is simple, the real expertise lies in enriching the website with all those features. There are some technicality involved with the integration, including:

The tool is developed to match specific business requirements and ethos.

Owners can get their product designer tool developed based on their website’s look-and-feel and workflow.

No additional software is required to use this designer tool.

It’s available in any language so a business can target users in any part of the world.

Both the interfaces, the Front end & Back end, will have elements supporting language of your choice.

It delivers high-resolution output image in choice of 3 formats (.tif, .eps, .pdf).

The output comes with all components needed in the file collateral, including text, fonts, resolution, dimensions etc.

Pixel-perfect output is generated and then sent to the printer direction even without any changes.

Your design and changes and customizations need not any expert and you will get all vector graphics in the ultimate output.

Your online store and product designer tool

Your online store gets transformed completely the moment it integrates a product designer tool. This transformation happens on many fronts and for many reasons including:

The capabilities of the store get a major boost.

The business becomes able to cater modern needs.

Customers or buyers are delivered freedom of designing.

Personalization options are provided where any design can be achieved for the shoe.

The business needn’t invest in inventory and rather focus on meeting customization needs.

The online store gets more traffic and visits as they are getting value for their money.

The business gets a competitive edge and stays ahead of the curve.

The sales zoom up and so does the growth of revenue and both lead to realization of objectives.

It’s clear that the online designer application comes with the ability to make a big difference to the way products are designed and customized. As the tool enhances capabilities and competencies of a business, you need to get it integrated to realize business objectives. And for that, you need a shoes designer company that brings its technical nous and experience into play to transform your shoe-selling business completely.

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February 3, 2016