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Interactive Online Design Tool for Product Customization

Basic Things You Should Know About T-Shirt Designer Software


Peter Browne was a worried man two years ago. His t-shirt business had run into losses with no way-out in sight. The sales had plummeted to a new low in the wake of dwindling interests shown by visitors in the site.

The stock was lying unused and the operations seemed destined to be shut off sooner rather than later. He repented being an entrepreneur, given the bleak future ahead.

More than anything else, Peter was perturbed by the lack of interest customers showed in his online store. He was unable to gauge the reason of this sudden change of behaviour in the customers.

He tried every marketing gimmick, offered discounts, put up sales, but for not avail. Finally, he decided to seek the help of an expert. What transpired thereafter was an eye-opener.

Well, you should also know what plagued Peter’s t-shirt business –

His business no longer met the changing tastes and preferences of customers

His online store failed to keep pace with the modern times

Buyers did not enjoy the kind of freedom and options other businesses were offering

Customers did not find anything innovative or unique in the store which made then swift to other places

Buyers had to contend with the traditional way of buying products with very little or no say in the complete purchase cycle

And lastly, the concept of product designing was lacking

Peter got the message and implanted those changes. Soon, he scripted a remarkable turnaround with sales again picking up the momentum and customers returning back to the store.

T-shirt business and product designing feature

The case of Peter Browne is not unique as such instances are all around us. We need to know that the times have changed a lot and the landscape of doing business has gone a massive transformation. Old ways of buying and selling ceases to exist paving the way to product designing features.

Benefits of product designing are manifold to both buyers and sellers, including –

Buyers can now design their own t-shirt anytime and any day with effortless ease

It’s possible to get products customized and meet own requirements with ease

You can buy personalized t-shirt with own designs or can go ahead and personalize the apparel using own creative ideas

Buyers can insert colour, text, clip-art, hues, images or anything of choice and get a t-shirt designed

It’s easy to showcase own creativity or you can wear something designed entirely by you

No need to buy from the available stock at the seller or trust what is available on a mass scale

Options to go beyond what is stocked at the site and you must leverage that

Buyers can get event or theme-specific t-shirt by inserting whatever they feel good about

Value for money is assured buying self-designed product is possible

No need to rely on somebody’s imagination and artistic sense when you can showcase your own

Sellers needn’t worry about managing and maintaining stock

Online stores will keep pace with the changing times as they will deliver all what buyers look to get

More visitors and more sales guaranteed

Superior ROI

Product designing is the future of online shopping

Ever since the concept of product designing has come into existence, it has created a lot of positive buzz in the industry. It has made both, buyers and sellers, upbeat about the future. Things are changed now, or we can say the way we shop is not the same anymore.

Here is why product designing augurs well for the industry –

It runs counter to the traditional way of buying products

Conventional methods don’t provide any sense of freedom to buyers but it does

Buyers can do much more than just selecting from the available stock

Buyers can get product designed to suit their occasions in an appropriate manner

Customers needn’t rely on online stores for the kind of products they need

Options are endless and one can exercise the freedom and avail options

T-shirt designing software – An advanced tool with lots of potential

What would you do to buy a trendy or casual t-shirt? Chances are, you’d visit online, browse through the available categories and select the one. What if you need something unique, quirky and event-specific?

Well, in such cases, you need to try harder as online stores often go with the standard and avoid stocking the unconventional. So, chances are, you won’t get the product you search for.

Most buyers do compromise and settle with whatever comes their way. Should you, too? Well, not really, particularly at a time when product designing software are available.

You can leverage t-shirt designer tool and get exactly the kind of apparel needed. Yes, you can design own t shirt, customize it and give personal touches to it.

Here is how product designing tools help –

You can let your creativity go as far as it can in terms of designing

Every aspect of the t-shirt can be personalized

You can design and showcase you creative side to the world

Buyers can be their own designers

No need to visit shops or browse through product categories when you can create your own t-shirt

No need to trust someone else’ ideas and designs when you can get your owns

Features of t-shirt designing tool

With product designing taking the shape of reality, tools facilitating this trend are bound to rise in popularity. At present, the market is full of tools delivering product designing features to customers. You should however tread with caution and select only the best one from the lot.

Here are some of top features of a product designing software –

# Design templates

These software come packed with a whole host of design templates so that buyers never run out of creativity. You can leverage these temples and design the kind of t-shirt needed for the occasion.

# Add art and text

You can add any kind of art and text to personalize the t-shirt the way you need. You can add the background of choice, add any clip-art or any photo and go as cheeky as it can get.

# Preview

The best of 3D technology comes your way with product designing. So, you can preview whatever design used for the t-shirt. In fact, you can get a 360-degree view of the product and make changes afterwards. This way, you can get the apparel of choice with minimum possible effort.

# Undo, redo, copy & paste

You should not worry a bit if the design you created comes up short on the expectation. Until there is final product, you can always make the changes done with ease. So, you can undo, redo, cut, copy, paste and delete any aspect of design not looking appropriate to you.

# Easy integration with online stores

These tools are easy to integrate with any CMS or e-commerce platform. This feature will serve you a great deal if you happen to be a seller. So, you can get the tool customized and integrated according to your e-commerce store or website and then help the business grow.

# Easy management with admin panel

Online stores with product designing tools are simple and easy to manage. The admin panel will let you manage the existing or new product without breaking into any sweat. Different functionalities of the tool can be managed with ease.

# Custom build own template

Sellers can manage fonts, shape and assign product categories without facing any technical problem. It’d be a cakewalk to upload predefined templates and designs. In fact, it’s now a possibility to custom build your own template.

# Attract more customers

There is no better way than product designing tools to attract more customers to your t-shirt selling website. This is how your business gets a boost and its sales go up. After all, your business is now giving customers the ability and privilege to customize their products.

# User-friendly in nature

A great tool is one that is user-friendly and advanced at the same time. Users should not face any issue handling the product, and the same is true with product designer tools. So, the tool does not need any external help as customers can operate them on own.

# Fully responsive across devices

These tools are responsive across devices. No matter which web browser is used, they give consistent look and feel across them all. All the features are available and nothing is lost no matter what browser is used to open the tool. So, its performance and results don’t depend on the system and device types used.

# Multilingual Support

These tools come with multilingual support, which means users can use it with ease irrespective of the location across the world. So, users can get language of own choice and get the most out of the tool with ease. It’s this language support which broadens its appeal and popularity among users.

In overall, product designing is the latest trend and you must make the most out of it. Whether you run a business or look to buy trendy t-shirts, options are now endless for you to enjoy.

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November 7, 2016